The entire set of triggers is integrated with the Forex Market Scanner (FMS) to access up-to-the-minute data regarding market biases, derived from technical, sentiment, and fundamental analysis. All currency pairs are being monitored by the Gurus’ trigger solutions.

Introducing our groundbreaking All-in-one Triggers – the ultimate solution for traders seeking a comprehensive approach to FMS! With the All-in-one Triggers, you get the entire package in one convenient solution, saving you both time and money in equipping FMSTrader. 

Let FMSTrader take the lead by simultaneously monitoring multiple strategies, streamlining your trading process, and keeping you ahead in the game. The All-in-one package includes the 3EAM, Fibonacci, Divergence, and Gap Triggers, offering you a diverse array of powerful tools. Furthermore, you can implement a lot size strategy based on the number of Triggers met, providing flexibility and profit potential like never before. 

Discover the limitless possibilities with our All-in-one package and take your trading to new heights!